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1 in 5 college students have anxiety or depression. Here's why
David Rosenberg, Wayne State University Many of us think of college as a wondrous time of new experiences and great freedom to explore new ideas and find one’s....

'Fortnite' teaches the wrong lessons
Nicholas Tampio, Fordham University In recognition of the fact that “Fortnite” has quickly become one of the most popular video games in the world....

Fight for federal right to education takes a new turn
Derek W. Black, University of South Carolina A new fight to secure a federal constitutional right to education is spreading across the country. This fight....

Chicago's Safe Passage program costs a lot, but it may provide students safer routes to school
F. Chris Curran, University of Maryland, Baltimore County While walking to school last month, a 15-year-old Chicago girl was confronted by two masked men in....

Why shaming your children on social media may make things worse
Brian Edward Kinghorn, Marshall Univeristy Matt Cox knew he would be criticized when he forced his 10-year-old daughter to walk 5 miles to school in 36-degree....

What public universities must do to regain public support
Universities have lost public support in recent years. In order to get it back, college presidents should worry less about how their institutions fare in college....

What is public service loan forgiveness? And how do I qualify to get it?
Robert Kelchen, Seton Hall University The first group of borrowers who tried to get Public Service Loan Forgiveness – a George W. Bush-era program meant....

Teaching students how to dissent is part of democracy
Sarah Stitzlein, University of Cincinnati In scenes unprecedented in previous school shootings, the past few weeks have been marked by students taking to the....

You're not going to get accepted into a top university on merit alone
Natasha Warikoo, Harvard University After weeks of negotiation, Harvard University recently agreed to provide the Department of Justice access to its admissions....

Betsy DeVos has little to show after 2 years in office
Dustin Hornbeck, Miami University Despite widespread fear that U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos would dismantle the public system of education, she has failed....


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